15 minutes of sunlight is necessary for a newborn baby in winter

Newborn babies need special care in the winter season. A little carelessness can snatch your happiness from you. People take different measures to avoid cold in winter. Elders, elders, children all sit in the sun in winter. It is said that the skin becomes black or damaged due to sunlight and this causes many health problems. But, this is not completely true. Health gets many benefits from sunlight. Sunlight is especially beneficial for children and newborns.

About 18 to 20 days after the birth of a newborn baby, he should sit in the sun. In the research of the Pediatric Department of All India Institute of Medical Sciences, it was revealed that the effect of vitamin D deficiency in pregnant women is seen in newborn babies. Due to this the bones of children become weak. To remove this, after 5 to 15 days of birth, the baby must be taken regularly in the sun for 15 to 20 minutes in winter.

This thing came out in the research

In the research done by the AIIMS Pediatric Department, this research was done on 1200 healthy newborns and mothers aged two and a half months to 3.5 months. In this research, it was found that due to deficiency of Vitamin D, a condition of hyperparathyroidism was seen which can later lead to bone disorders, mal nutrition and skin related diseases. In this research, 43 infants were studied in winter while 51 children were selected for summer study.

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Dr. Vandana Jain, chief researcher of the Department of Pediatrics, told that the mothers of the infants who were found to be deficient in Vitamin D were already deficient in it. To overcome the deficiency of Vitamin D, children must be taken in the sun regularly for 15 to 20 minutes after 15 days in winter.

what is the right time

The newborn baby should be made to sit in the sun for 15 to 20 minutes after two to three weeks. Take the newborn babies to the sun between 7 am and 10 am. At this time you get maximum benefits from sunlight. You can take your babies in the sun 1 hour after sunrise and 1 hour before sunset. Keep in mind that do not keep children in the sun for more than 20 to 25 minutes because their skin is sensitive, due to which they may have other problems.

benefits of sunlight

Exposing a newborn baby to sunlight helps a lot in the production of melatonin which regulates the baby’s sleep pattern. Melatonin level falls due to sunlight and serotonin is formed, which increases the energy level and the mood of the children is also good.

Often you must have seen newborn babies complaining of jaundice. Sunlight helps in breaking down bilirubin. It is a yellow substance that is formed in the natural catabolic pathway. When bilirubin increases, the baby’s skin turns yellow. Therefore, being in the sun for 15 to 20 minutes reduces the symptoms of jaundice in the baby.

Taking sunlight reduces diseases like diabetes. Sunlight maintains the insulin level in the body.

Children get vitamin D from sunlight which helps in absorbing calcium. This strengthens the bones of children

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