24 hours, 7 days work..otherwise the job will be lost! Elon Musk Hires Twitter Engineers

Twitter Employees Job At Risk: Just a few days ago, Elon Musk has bought Twitter and he has started making big changes on this social media platform as soon as he arrives. While there is a plan to charge users to get blue ticks, the work pressure on Twitter employees has also been increased. Not only this, according to media reports, there is also a plan to lay off the employees here. Overall, with Elon Musk becoming the new owner of Twitter, nothing seems to be happening in the interest of the employees.

Extra effort to launch new feature
of twitter The manager has asked the employees here to work for maximum time. Actually, Twitter will now charge $ 8 i.e. Rs 660 per month from every user for blue tick. to this feature Preparations for launch are in full swing. For the time being here Engineer has been asked to do additional work.

work seven days a week
of twitter The pressure has been put on the manager that he has to launch the blue tick paid feature in the beginning of November i.e. by 07 November. For this, even if they have to work seven days a week, whether they have to work for 12-12 hours, but there should not be any hesitation in this work. This pressure has been created to complete the new decisions on time.

can go job

Not only this, the job of the employees here can also be affected. According to media reports, Elon Musk is also considering laying off employees. Not only this, it has also been said in the report that those who do not obey their orders will be thrown out of their jobs. Engineers have to launch this feature in early November itself.

Blue tick will cost money

To get blue tick on Twitter, now users will have to pay the price every month. They will have to pay 8 dollars i.e. 660 rupees in Indian rupees every month. Elon Musk made many tweets in this subject and wrote that the current way to get blue tick is not right and everyone should have this power in their hands. Therefore, this facility will be given to the users at the rate of only $ 8 per month.

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