3 new universities will be built in UP at a cost of 150 crores, know the big things of Uttar Pradesh budget

UP Budget 2023, Education Sector: Big announcements have also been made in the field of education from the Yogi government’s budget box. To promote higher education, from opening new universities to creating digital libraries at the village level, work will be done on many big proposals in the coming time. Among the big things that have been said for education in the UP Budget 2023, the main one is that three new universities will be set up here at a cost of 150 crores. The government has proposed a budget of Rs 150 crore for setting up three new universities.

Which will be the three new universities

In the budget of Uttar Pradesh, the government has proposed three new universities, for which such a budget has been fixed. Rs.50 crore for establishment of Maa Vindhyavasini State University in Vindhyachal Dham Mandal, Rs.50 crore for establishment of Maa Pateshwari Devi Raj Vishwavidyalaya in Devipatan Mandal and Rs.50 crore for establishment of State University in Moradabad Mandal. That is, equal budget has been fixed for the establishment of all the three universities.

Rs 300 crore for digital library

Along with this, a digital library will be started to make books easily available to the children of the village. A huge amount of Rs 300 crore has also been arranged for the establishment of digital library at gram panchayat and ward level. In this way, to promote the education sector, this time it has been planned to spend a large part of the budget of the UP government on the education sector.

Arrangement of so many crores for free tablet

State Finance Minister Suresh Khanna told during the presentation of the budget that a provision of Rs 36,00 crore has been made to distribute tablets and smartphones free of cost to the students. This time’s budget has covered three main issues which include health sector, infrastructure and education. Free smartphones and tablets will be distributed under the Swami Vivekananda Youth Empowerment Scheme.

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