5 perfect places for trekking in India, the view is amazing

Best Trekking Points: Trekking is a favorite activity of adventure lovers. Even so, trekking is a great adventure activity and there are new and wonderful experiences to be had during this time. Due to many beautiful mountains in our country, there are many options available for trekking sports, where people do this activity to roam, have fun and feel very close to nature. Often youngsters like to spend time with friends by staying among the mountains. On weekends, if you also want to do something exciting with friends and are fond of trekking, then we have brought for you some of the best trekking points in India, where you can go for trekking with friends.

gomukh tapovan track

Gomukh Tapovan track present in Uttarkashi district of Uttarakhand is a great trekking place. Here is the peak of the grand Mount Shivling. This track is the best option to see the Himalayan mountains.

Kinnar Kailash track

It is completely spread across the borders of India and Tibet. Here you will get a chance to know and understand the thousands of years old Buddhist culture.

valley of flowers track

The Valley of Flowers track is present in Uttarakhand. People come here from far and wide. The natural beauty spread here gives comfort to the eyes.

Kashmir Great Lakes Track

Visiting this beautiful lakes track means experiencing heaven on earth. Beautiful white snowy mountains are seen here.

Vyas Kund Track

The magnificent Vyas Kund track is present in Manali. You can never forget the beautiful views spread here and around the lake. By tracking here, you will get a different experience.

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