5 planets including Mercury, Sun are changing zodiac in November, know what will be the effect on you

Grah Gochar November 2022: Today the month of November has started from Tuesday. This month is special from religious and astrological point of view. There will also be a big change in the movement of the planets in November. According to the almanac, Venus, the causative planet of enjoyment, love, romance, happiness and prosperity, etc., the cruel planet Mars, the king of planets, Sun and the prince of planets, Mercury, are going to change their zodiac. With this, in November itself, Dev Guru will be moving from Jupiter retrograde. Changes in the zodiac and movement of these planets will affect all the 12 zodiac signs. Let us know what will be the effect on your zodiac sign?

Sheep Zodiac ,Aries): The month of November will bring ups and downs in the career of Aries. There will be less mind in work. There may be a dispute with the business partner. There may be problems in married life. Expenditure on religious works will increase.

Taurus Zodiac ,Taurus You will get full support of luck. Paused work will be done. Extravagant expenditure will increase along with your income. There may be a physical problem. Taking care of health will be very important.

Gemini Zodiac ,Gemini): Whether it is business or job, there will be progress in both. There will be a good increase in income. Control anger and focus on health.

Cancer Zodiac ,Cancer Married life will be good but there will be tension in family life. Love life will be good. You have to be smart in the job. Unnecessary expenses will increase.

Lion Zodiac ,Leo) : Will have fun with friends. Income will increase with expenditure. The position in the job will remain strong. There are chances of getting success in the competition. Love life will be good.

Virgo Zodiac ,Virgo) : There will be a good increase in income and the sum of solid income will be made. There will be good progress in business. Any good work can happen. You will get good results in love life.

Libra Zodiac ,Libra) : Job position will prevail. Business will be weak. Domestic expenses will increase but mother’s support and blessings will remain. Married life will be fine and health will have to be taken care of.

Scorpio Zodiac ,Scorpio) : Avoid extravagance. Everyone’s support will be available in the office. Brother and sister will be with you. Time will be very beautiful for love life.

sagittarius Zodiac ,Sagittarius) : Income will increase. You will get full support of the family. The stalled plans can be completed. There will be tension in married life.

Capricorn Zodiac ,Capricorn The feeling of loneliness can disturb the mind. Business and job position will remain strong. Someone in the office can trouble you. Health will be fine.

Aquarius Zodiac ,Aquarius) : There will be pressure of work and spending money. Fatigue can lead to heavy travel. The situation in the job will be good. Transfer can be made. Those doing business will get good success. With the fifth aspect of Rahu on the seventh house, business will get a boost. Do not ignore health.

Pisces Zodiac ,Pisces) : Income will increase. You can get money suddenly or you can also get some ancestral property. Health will be weak. There are chances of buying a vehicle or house.

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