66 projects recommended under PM Gati Shakti, will cost 5 trillion

PM Gatishakti Portal: In the last eight months, a significant change has been observed in the Industries Department. 66 big ticket projects have been recommended under the PM Gatishakti Masterplan. Sumita Davra, Special Secretary, Industry Department said that the total cost of these projects will be Rs 5 lakh crore and further process is being completed to work on these projects.

Both budget and approval have been given for all these projects. These include big projects like Marwar Industrial Cluster Rs 922 crore, Barbil-Nayagarh-Barsun Rs 8,840 crore, new railway line, Gurdaspur-Jammu-Srinagar natural gas pipeline Rs 6,931 crore.

PM Gati Shakti plan will strengthen the infrastructure

Commerce and Industry Minister Piyush Goyal said on Thursday that the Pradhan Mantri Gatishakti National Masterplan Portal is playing an important role in the approval and development of new projects. He said the PM would help in planning social infrastructure like schools, nursing homes, hospitals apart from its primary goal of bridging infrastructure gaps.

Land records of 12 states on the portal

Goyal said that the data of dynamics are linked with each other through API. In such a situation, if a particular project is started, it will give complete information about things like its challenges, time and cost. 12 states have so far updated the land records on the PM Gatishakti portal.

data of these things on the portal

At present, there are about 1,300 layers of data on the PM Gatishakti portal, which include forests, wildlife, rivers, UNESCO World Heritage Sites and others.

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