Aamir Khan’s mother suffered a heart attack, was admitted to this hospital

Aamir Khan Mother Zeenat Heart Attack: A worrying news is coming out about Zeenat, the mother of film actor Aamir Khan. It is reported that Aamir Khan’s mother has suffered a heart attack, after which she has been admitted to a hospital in Mumbai. According to the news, when the actor’s mother suffered a heart attack, her son, Aamir Khan, was also present with her. As soon as the mother’s health deteriorated, the actor immediately took her to the hospital. According to the news of ETimes, Aamir Khan’s mother is admitted to Breach Candy Hospital in Mumbai.

According to the news Aamir Khan Diwali He was with his family at his house in Panchgani, where his mother Zeenat suffered a heart attack. After the heart attack, Aamir Khan without delay took his mother to Breach Candy Hospital in Mumbai, where he is undergoing treatment and Aamir is with him. At the same time other members of the family have also come to see him in the hospital.

How is the situation now?
A source close to the film industry has told ETAM that while Aamir Khan’s mother is undergoing treatment, her condition is stable. Aamir Khan and his family are absolutely sure that no rumor of any kind is spread about this.

Aamir Khan regrets this
However, when Aamir Khan last attended Karan Johar’s show ‘Koffee with Karan’, he had mentioned his mother there. He had said that he is very sorry that he does not spend much time with his family. However, now he takes full care of the fact that he can spend more time with his mother and children.

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