Action of IT company for working in two places simultaneously, fired from the job

Happiest Minds Employees Fired: The information technology sector in the country is witnessing huge ups and downs. Let us tell you that the IT company Happiest Minds says that moonlighting is unacceptable for employees to work for two institutions simultaneously. Also, it is also a breach of the contract of the job. Earlier, Wipro Moonlighting fired 300 employees simultaneously.

action taken on employees
The company Happiest Minds says that some employees involved in such activities have been fired in the last 6 to 12 months. It had around 4,581 employees as on September 30, 2022, with the company registering a 33.7 per cent growth in net profit in the second quarter of the current financial year 2022-23. Moonlighting is not prevalent within the company, but it did not give the exact number of employees against whom action has been taken in this case.

what wipro said
The issue of working separately with the job has become a topic of great discussion in the IT industry after Wipro Chairman Rishad Premji called Moonlighting a ‘hoax’. IT companies said that they do not allow two places to work simultaneously. When an employee does any work independently other than his regular job, it is technically called ‘moonlighting’.

What Happiest Minds Said
Joseph Anantaraju, Vice Chairman of Happiest Minds says that, we are very clear with our employees that we will not accept it (Moonlighting). When you sign a contract or offer of employment, you agree to work only for that company. Anantaraju said that we have come across some such cases and we immediately removed them because this is a message that you want to give to the company. He said that even if an employee has worked only for a few hours, but there is no way to trace it and that is why we took this action. This action is taken between the last 6 to 12 months. We are clear that you cannot do moonlighting.

Wipro fired employees
Anantaraju says that the activities and examples of moonlighting in the company are not much. For this reason, the company has started calling its people back to the office. “Once you’re back in the office, a lot of these things are less likely to happen and can be recognized much earlier,” he said. Some companies like TCS have expressed concern over this while Wipro has suspended 300 employees.

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