Adani extended his hand to help Manushree, gave assurance of heart operation, what is the whole matter

Gautam Adani Funds Treatment of Manushree: Gautam Adani, chairman of the Adani Group, has taken the initiative for the treatment of a 4-year-old girl. Manushree, a girl from Gorakhpur district of Uttar Pradesh, is suffering from a serious heart ailment. Manushree needs 1 lakh 25 thousand rupees for heart operation at Sanjay Gandhi Hospital (SGPGI) in capital Lucknow. Due to the pathetic condition of the girl’s family, she is unable to get treatment.

appealed on social media

A young man named Ashutosh Tripathi had pleaded for help two days back through social media. He wrote on Twitter that, my colleague and 4-year-old ‘Manushree’ living in Sarojini Nagar area of ​​Lucknow has a hole in her heart. Doctors of SGPGI have told the cost of Rs 1.25 lakh for its treatment. Due to the low income of the family members, they cannot afford the cost of the operation. Please, kindly help as you wish.

Adani trusted the tweet

News Reels

Meanwhile, Gautam Adani himself tweeted that Adani Foundation will meet Manushree’s family to help her and will also provide all possible help for her treatment. Responding to that user’s tweet, Adani wrote that Manushree will be fine soon. The people of Adani Foundation have been asked to contact his family. Adani Foundation will provide all possible help, so that he can return to school soon and play with his friends.

Hospital gave information

In this regard, Prof. Aditya Kapoor, Head of Cardiology, Sanjay Gandhi Hospital, says that the child’s ASD device closure surgery is to be done. The estimate has been prepared by the institute. He will be provided with the best facilities.

what did manushree’s father say

Manushree’s father says that about 90 thousand arrangements were made by himself, but 1 lakh 25 thousand have to be deposited for treatment. I have come to know that the owner of Adani Group has tweeted, today I am going to get him admitted for operation. It is expected that arrangements will be made and the operation will also be successful.

When did you come to know that there is a hole in the heart

Manushree’s family is originally from Gorakhpur. His father works in a private institute in Lucknow. They say that Manushree was diagnosed with a hole in the heart when she was 9 months old. Since then I am getting treatment in SGPGI. Now she is 4 years old. Doctors have made an estimate and given the date of surgery on Monday.

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