Afridi got a reply on the statement of ‘ICC leaning towards India’, the BCCI President said this

IND vs BAN Controversy: BCCI President Roger Binny has termed the statement of former Pakistani cricketer Shahid Afridi as completely wrong, in which he has said that the ICC is inclined towards India. Roger Binny has said that this is wrong, in ICC events all teams are treated equally.

Some controversies came to the fore during the India-Bangladesh match played on Wednesday night in the T20 World Cup 2022. At the behest of Virat Kohli, questions were raised on decisions like giving a wide to the umpire, not taking action on the throw throw and starting the match early despite the ground being wet. Former Pakistan cricketer Shahid Afridi had said on the basis of these incidents that the ICC is inclined towards India and he wants to take the Indian team to the semi-finals by any means.

Shahid Afridi had said, ‘You saw the ground, it was wet. But I think the inclination of the ICC is to take India to the semi-finals by any means. And the umpire was also the same, who was in the match with Pakistan. The award for the best umpire in the whole world should also go to him. I know what happened. It rained heavily and the match was started just after the rain stopped. It tells that ICC wanted India to play. There were a lot of factors involved here.

What did the BCCI President say?
When Roger Binny was questioned on this statement of Afridi, he said, ‘This is wrong. I don’t believe that ICC takes our side. Everyone is treated equally. No one can say that. What set us apart from other teams? India is huge in the world of cricket but we are all treated equally.


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