After all, why did KRK apologize to Salman Khan? Said- ‘Forgive me brother’

KRK Apologises To Salman Khan: Kamal R Khan aka KRK, an actor-turned-self-proclaimed film critic, is often in controversies. He keeps on targeting Bollywood stars through his tweets and film review videos and keeps taunting them. At the same time, he has now apologized to Bollywood actor Salman Khan in a tweet.

One of the Bollywood stars that KRK keeps on targeting is Salman Khan’s name. However, KRK, who has always taken a dig at Salman, has apologized to him by tweeting and said that Salman Khan has no hand in sending him to jail.

KRK wrote these things
KRK wrote in this tweet, “I want to tell all the people of the media that Salman Khan was not behind my arrest, as I thought. Someone else played from behind. Bhaijaan Salman Khan Forgive me for misunderstanding you. I apologize if I have offended you in any way. And I voluntarily decide not to review your films.”

Karan Johar didn’t even have a hand
Along with this tweet, KRK also kept his words about Karan Johar. KRK wrote, “Many people think that Karan Johar was behind my arrest and I say again that Karan Johar has nothing to do with my arrest.”

Spent 10 days in jail
It is worth noting that some time ago, KRK was arrested by the Mumbai Police for some of his old controversial tweets, after which he spent 10 days in jail.

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