After Corona, now this disease wreaks havoc, the lives of 40 million children became a matter

Measles Threat: The outbreak of global epidemic corona had reduced a bit in the country that now measles disease is spreading rapidly. This disease is taking newborn children in its grip and many have lost their lives due to this. The little eyes which were becoming capable of seeing this world, were already closed due to negligence. The World Health Organization and the US Public Health Agency said that there is now a possibility of measles outbreaks in various regions globally. This is because there has been a steady decline in measles vaccination coverage due to Kovid-19 and due to this the lives of crores of newborns have become a matter of concern.

It was revealed in the report that in the year 2021, about 4 crore children missed the dose of measles vaccine worldwide. Actually, the government systems were focusing on the vaccination of Corona, due to which the important vaccination of children was left. The scary statistics are that in the year 2021, an estimated 9 million new cases of measles were reported worldwide and 1,28,000 deaths occurred. Surprisingly, more than 95% of the deaths occurred in developing countries like Africa and Asia. About 22 countries around the world faced the wrath of this terrible disease. Due to negligence in Kovid-19 and measles vaccine, now this disease remains a threat to the whole world.

what is the treatment

Measles disease can be prevented through vaccination. Although there is no specific treatment, a two-dose vaccine against it is about 97% effective in preventing severe disease and death. To avoid this disease, children are given two doses of vaccine at different periods, after which the risk of it decreases.

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what is the situation in india

Talking about measles infected patients across the country, they are 233 and the death toll has gone up to 12. According to BMC, 13 new cases of measles were reported in Mumbai out of which one patient has died. This disease is continuously spreading in India as well. If it is not controlled in time, then conditions like Corona can be seen all over the country.

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