After layoffs in Twitter and Meta, the sword is now hanging on Amazon employees! people being fired

Layoffs 2022: After Twitter and Meta, now Amazon employees are facing job threat. It is reported that now Amazon is laying off its employees. Along with this, the company has also banned new recruitment. In view of the financial condition of the company, the hiring has been frozen here. Earlier, Facebook’s parent company Meta has shown the way out of its 11,000 employees.

American technology and e-commerce giant Amazon has begun to scale down its non-profit initiatives amid a growing economic slowdown. According to an internal memo sent by a top executive, the company had announced the hiring freeze only last week. After this, speculations are now being made that the company may also reduce the number of its employees.

How many employees in Robotics Division

Jamie Zhang, a software engineer working at Amazon, reported his connection on LinkedIn and said that he was fired from the company. Apart from this, a post by a former employee also said that the entire robotics team was given a pink chit. According to LinkedIn data, the company’s robotics division employs at least 3,766 people. Business Today could not confirm how many of the 3,766 employees were let go.

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Meta and Twitter have also been laid off

In addition, the Wall Street Journal report claimed that the company has already asked employees working in some of its unprofitable units to look for jobs elsewhere. At the same time, Meta and Twitter have also fired a large number of employees. Meta says that it has decided to lay off to reduce the cost of the company. The increased cost is eating away at the profits and thereby reducing the income.

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