After seeing which person did Bappi Lahiri want to wear gold, he himself has revealed

Happy Birthday Bappi Lahiri: There have been more than one music directors in the Hindi film industry, but among them Bappi Lahiri is one such name who started giving rock music and fast music in Bollywood. Bappi Lahiri, who decorated more than one song in his career, was very inspired by a person in his life and seeing that person, Bappi da was very eager to do one thing in his life. Today, on the occasion of Bappi Lahiri’s 70th Birth Anniversary, let us know seeing which person, Bappi used to be restless to choose the one.

Was inspired by this person

Bappi Lahiri achieved immense success in the film world but he was greatly inspired by the famous Hollywood music director Elvis Presley. According to media reports, Bappi The revealed that whenever he saw the gold chain lying around Elvis Presley’s neck, his heart used to yearn to wear gold, that he had a dream that whenever Even if money comes to them, they too will definitely fulfill their hobby.

fulfilled the childhood dream

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After this, when Bappi Lahiri stepped into films and appeared in films like ‘Disco Dancer’, ‘Sharaabi’, ‘Dance Dance’, ‘Ghayal’ and ‘Thanedar’. (Thanedaar)’ and fulfilled his hobby of wearing gold wholeheartedly. Let us tell you that Elvis Presley used to wear only one gold chain, but Bappi Lahiri always used to wear several kilos of gold. Bappi Lahiri himself has also told that gold is lucky for him.

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