After the layoffs, the trouble of Indians working in Facebook-Twitter with H1B-Visa increased!

Meta-Twitter Layoffs: Facebook’s parent company Meta and Twitter have largely laid off their employees. In such a situation, a crisis has arisen in front of employees with H-1B visas who were working in these companies in America. Among those who lost their jobs are Indian nationals who had H-1B visas on the basis of which they were working in the US. Employees who lost their jobs have only two months i.e. 60 days within which they will have to look for another job or else they will have to return to their country.

danger of being deported
The H-1B visa is a non-immigrant visa that allows foreign workers to work in US companies for three to six years. On the basis of this visa, foreign nationals are working in American companies. According to the H-1B visa rules, if a person loses his job or leaves the company, he has to find another company sponsoring the H-1B visa within 60 days. If the employer is not found within 60 days, that employee will have to return to his country. The biggest problem is that due to the fear of recession in America, more tech companies have frozen hiring. In such a situation, the danger of being deported has arisen in front of those who lost their jobs.

Zuckerberg gave confidence
Meta has laid off 11,000 employees, including foreign nationals who were working in the company on H-1B visas. META CEO Mark Zuckerberg has assured such employees of helping immigration. He said that, I know that you are here on a visa, so it is very difficult for you. We have immigration experts to help you with the help you and your family need.

60 Days Deadline!
US tech companies largely employ H-1B holders employees who come from other countries including India. 15 percent of Facebook employees are H-1B visa holders. However, retrenched employees in Meta and Twitter will have up to 60 days to find a new employer sponsoring H-1B visas after receiving their termination letter. And if the employer is unable to find it, then the original employer like Meta and Twitter will have to provide tickets for the return flight.

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