Airfare Price Hike: Bangkok-Singapore airfare is cheaper than Delhi to Patna flight on Diwali

Airfare Price Increase: If you are thinking of traveling by air on holiday in this festive season, you will have to loose more pockets. To go from Delhi to Patna, you will have to pay a hefty fare. The same is the case with the airfare from Mumbai to Patna and Bangalore to Patna. Rather, the fare from Delhi and Mumbai to Patna is cheaper than the airfare of Sharjah and Bangkok.

expensive air travel
If you want to go from Delhi to Patna via air travel on 22nd October, before Diwali, then you will have to pay a fare of Rs 17,294 per person. If you want to go from Mumbai to Patna on October 22, then it is Rs 19,719 per fare. Whereas the airfare from Bangalore to Patna is Rs 17,500. For air travel from Mumbai to Jaipur, you will have to pay a fare of Rs 15,681 per person.

cheap foreign flight from domestic
one side Diwali And domestic air travel has become expensive on the festival of Chhath Puja. But let us tell you that if you want to go to Sharjah or Bangkok, you will have to pay much less fare than Delhi to Patna. For example, if you fly from Delhi to Sharjah on October 22, you will have to pay only Rs 11,180. On the other hand, if you want to fly from Delhi to Bangkok, the capital of Thailand, then you will have to pay only Rs 10,646. Air ticket is available from Delhi to Singapore for only Rs 13000.

No train ticket, air travel expensive!
According to experts, domestic airfare is becoming increasingly expensive due to non-availability of confirmed tickets in the train. In such a situation, those who want to go home on holiday are not getting tickets in the train, then air travel has become so expensive that people have started canceling the plan to go home.

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