‘Aish Ka Kya Haal Hota Hoga’, Jaya Bachchan gets caught in a bad temper with Kangana

Jaya Bachchan Troll For rudely ignore kangana : As soon as the cameras of the media are seen in front of Jaya Bachchan, in the same way, her behavior starts looking a bit rough. Jaya Bachchan, who hates paparazzi culture, has been seen showing tantrums in front of the camera many times. Once again a similar moment of Jaya Bachchan has been captured in the camera. But this time his rude behavior was not with the media but with Kangana.

Recently, a special screening of Sooraj Barjatya’s upcoming film ‘Uchai’ was held in Mumbai. Many famous Bollywood stars were seen in the screening. Along with Jaya Bachchan, Bollywood actress Kangana Ranaut was also a part of this screening. But the way Jaya Bachchan ignored Kangana Ranaut in front of the media, social media users did not like that view much.

Due to this video, Jaya Bachchan is being trolled since last night. Viewers say that Jaya can behave like this with Kangana in front of the camera, so imagine how she would have behaved with her daughter-in-law Aishwarya Rai at home. Just as Jaya Bachchan does not like paparazzi, social media users also did not like this behavior of Jaya Bachchan.

Trolling Jaya Bachchan, many posts were seen against her on social media. Commenting on a user, writes that – Jaya Bachchan got scared seeing Kangana. So while commenting on the other user writes that – what will happen to Aishwarya… such a mother-in-law has been found. So while comparing Jaya Bachchan with Rekha, a user writes that- Rekha is better. Many such comments have been seen on social media against Jaya Bachchan.

Well, this is not the first time that Jaya Bachchan has faced such trolling. Jaya Bachchan often comes under the target of trollers due to her capricious style. Well, son Abhishek also reached with Jaya in this screening. In this screening, where mother Jaya was seen ignoring Kangana Ranaut on one hand, on the other hand, son Abhishek himself went to Kangana and met her .. watch video …

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