‘Alia Siddiqui has suffered a lot’, reveals Nawazuddin’s brother Shamas

Nawazuddin Siddiqui Brother ShamasNawazuddin Siddiqui, one of the talented actors of Bollywood, is in headlines these days for his personal life. He is having a dispute with his wife Aaliya Siddiqui which has now reached the court. On the other hand, Nawaz’s brother Shamas Siddiqui is also not at all happy with the upheaval in the life of the actor and his wife Alia. During an interview, Shamas also kept his side on this whole controversy.

Alia has endured a lot
During the interview given to ETimes, Shamas told that Aaliya was his friend even before marrying his brother Nawaz. There were problems between them, but perhaps with age the level of tolerance decreased. Alia has tolerated a lot as a woman. Shamas said, “I stopped working with Nawaz in 2020. After a few months, their relationship became public. I used to keep everything very careful. When other non-deserving people joined them after I left, I think they don’t know the process of becoming a celebrity in the industry.

Why did Shamas stop working with Nawaz?
Why did Shamas stop working with Nawaz? In response to this question, Shamas said, “I had done a lot of TV and also directed one or two shows. Nawaz then asked me to join him. He said that he wants such people who are his own. In the year 2019, my film ‘Bole Chudiyan’ came for release. To be honest, I did not want to take Nawaz in the film. I felt that our personal equation might get spoiled. However, the makers insisted that I cast Nawaz. When the film required editing and patchwork, Nawaz suddenly told the producer that he would not work until he received all the dues related to the film. caste. I wonder why Nawaz is doing this with my film and why is he not supporting me? The film stopped. I gave him a lot. I didn’t even have a personal life till the age of 46. There was a rift between us. He even refused to let my daughter see the family members.

Nawaz wants to show that he is everything
Why would Nawaz do this? In response to this question, Shamas said that he wanted to show that he was everything. One of my brothers confirmed this to me. He said that he was instructed not to wish or congratulate me. Give But he helped me when I had a dispute over a property and he bought the disputed property. We were not in contact with each other for 7-8 months in between and met only when we went to our village.

Mother must have called Aaliya’s son Nayajay in anger
Nawaz’s mother called his wife Aaliya’s second child illegitimate. On this Shamas said that people talk according to the environment around them. My mother must have said this in anger. As far as Nawaz is concerned, he has not denied his son. But I really don’t know which are the divorce papers that Nawaz has submitted in the court. The court will decide on this. Alia has said that she has not signed any such paper. In such a situation, he should challenge these documents in the court. I have also seen a gift deed in which Nawaz has gifted his bungalow to our mother. That deed is dated 19th July and the date of purchase of stamp paper is 25th July. Along with this, he has also been made notary. Gift deeds are not notarized, they are considered officially registered.

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