Another match due to rain, not a single ball could be bowled in the Afghanistan-Ireland match

AFG vs IRE: Another match in the T20 World Cup 2022 (T20 WC 2022) was washed out due to rain. Not a single ball could be bowled in the match between Afghanistan and Ireland on Thursday morning. Due to incessant rain, even the toss could not be done here. In such a situation, one point has been distributed to both the teams.

This is the third match in the T20 World Cup 2022, which has been inconclusive. Earlier, in the South Africa-Zimbabwe and New Zealand-Afghanistan matches also, the result could not come out due to rain. These teams also had to be content with one point each.

What did the Irish captain say?
Ireland captain Andy Balbirnie appeared very disappointed as the match could not be held due to rain. He said that his team is playing good cricket, so it is disappointing for his team to end this match like this. Let us tell you that Ireland had slammed England in their last match itself. This team has also defeated West Indies in the first round.

Mohammad Nabi also disappointed
The Afghan camp also appeared disappointed here. Both the matches of the team have been washed away by rain. Captain Mohammad Nabi said, ‘Many players are disappointed with not being able to play matches on this wonderful ground. Rashid and I have played matches here but the rest of the players never took the field here. But the weather is not under our control. We will now focus on the next matches. Hope we win’

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