Are fake SIM cards running on your ID, with these tips, find out in a pinch

SIM Card Misuse: At present, due to the competition of telecom companies, they are available at a very cheap price and due to this, the misuse of SIM is increasing. Scammers often use fake SIMs to carry out incidents like online fraud, cyber fraud. That’s why you should know that how many sims are running on your ID or your name. Let us tell you how you can find out about it.

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To know about the SIM card running in your name, you can find out with the help of TAFCOP Consumer Portal. Here you will get this information. Also, if you do not have a laptop, you can also use your mobile to get information about it. For this, you have to submit your mobile number by visiting the website, then click on the request OTP button. After this OTP will come to you and as soon as the OTP is entered, the list of all the numbers linked to your mobile number appears in front of you. After the list is opened, you will get information about the SIM card running on your ID. You can also block such numbers running from your ID immediately.

it is valid to have so many sims

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If you use more than one SIM or you have taken many SIM numbers on your ID, then you need to be careful. Because for this the Department of Telecom has fixed the number. If you use more than 9 sims or you have taken more than 9 sims on your own ID and given them to family or any of your acquaintances, then it comes under illegal category. The number of SIMs has been fixed at six in Jammu and Kashmir, Assam and North East.

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