Are you also at risk of prostate cancer, know its symptoms

Prostate Cancer: Prostate cancer is a type of cancer that occurs in the prostate gland. Prostate cancer begins when cells in the prostate gland grow out of control. This gland is found only in males. This gland produces some fluid which is helpful in making semen. It can be cured with early detection and treatment. Something similar happened with 74-year-old Doug Bliss from England.

How England’s Doug Bliss Overcame Prostate Cancer

74-year-old Doug Bliss has shared his experience with prostate cancer. He told that by identifying it on time, he got the right treatment. Dog Bliss says that one day when he was walking his dog, he felt the need to go to the toilet, then he could not stop himself. It was very strange for him to be like this. Because he believes that he has been fit all his life, he has never had to go to the hospital, then why did this happen to him.

The very next day he contacted his doctor and told about his symptoms, after which he was referred to the urology department of the local hospital. He had a prostate specific antigen test at the hospital, which scored 13, with a score greater than 10 having a more than 50 percent chance of indicating prostate cancer.

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An MRI scan and a transrectal biopsy were performed to more strongly confirm the possibility of prostate cancer. After his biopsy, he came to know that he had prostate cancer. Luckily, the dog’s cancer had not spread beyond the prostate and was a very small tumor. His doctor kept him under observation before treating the disease. After monitoring, the doctor gave Dog the option of radiotherapy, chemotherapy surgery or brachytherapy, out of which Dog opted for brachytherapy. After this therapy he is now in complete health

What are the symptoms of prostate cancer,

1.Difficulty in urination or burning sensation.

2. Frequent urge to urinate.

3. Feeling of pain while urinating.

4. Blood in urine or semen.

5. Pain or discomfort while sitting.

How to prevent prostate cancer ,

There is no clear prevention for prostate cancer, yes but with some precautions it can be prevented. For example, a health diet composed of low fat, high vegetables and fruits may help reduce the risk of prostate cancer. Regular checkups with PSA blood test and physical examination To detect prostate cancer in the early stages, it is necessary to do regular full body checkups every few months after 50 years. If you are facing any kind of problem while urinating, then immediately consult your doctor. A healthy diet and regular exercise are also necessary to prevent the disease.

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