Are you also in a relationship with a psychopath boyfriend?

Shraddha Murder Case: The Shraddha murder case has shaken the entire nation. It is being discussed everywhere that two loving people can do something like this with each other? Hardly anyone’s faith in love will be established after this case comes to the fore. Now the question is, what would have happened that Aftab cut Shraddha into 35 pieces. On the other hand, Shraddha’s love story has come to the fore, in which it was said that she had come from Mumbai to Delhi leaving her family after listening to Aftab.

What did ‘clinical psychologist’ Shweta Sharma say on this whole matter-

on this whole issue ABP LIVE PODCASTS podcaster Mansi on the show FYI ,Clinical Psychologist’ Shweta Sharma (Clinical Psychologist Shweta Sharma) Had a special conversation with Clinical Psychologist Shweta Sharma, our most important question is that what is the reason when sympathy dies from inside a person that he kills someone? Along with this, we will try to know that how can you identify such people living around you and stay safe?

Such people have conduct disorder

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Shweta says, ‘We come to know about such people only when such cases come to the fore. But for your information, let me tell you that if you look at the childhood of such people, then their nature is different from the beginning as compared to normal children. Such people have conduct disorder, ODD since childhood, which lead to antisocial personality disorder by going ahead.

antisocial personality disorder

We call such people psychopaths. Such people are not detected quickly, but if properly investigated, then we will call it antisocial personality disorder. It doesn’t happen in a day. From childhood till the age of 16, it keeps on developing in a person. And later with increasing age, other types of personality get added to it.

Shweta says, ‘The childhood of such people is very bad. May be he has seen a lot of beatings, abuses in his childhood. Because of this his nature has become like this. The second thing can also happen if you are always scolding a child and not giving him a chance to speak his mind. In such a situation, it happens many times that after a time, the emotion inside that child completely ends. When such a child grows up, the emotional attachment with other people completely ends inside them. After a time, anger and aggression in such people start increasing day by day and they go ahead and become of controlling nature.

It is very important to balance in parenting style

If you are pampering the child too much and not telling them the difference between right and wrong, then it is also wrong. The most important thing is that as soon as the child asks for something, it is not necessary that you bring everything to him. Do not encourage such nature at all. You should also refuse sometimes and should not bring all the things to the child. You should also see the child’s reaction as to what they do when they are not given the goods. It should not happen that if children are living then bring everything to them.

get to know the people around you

Shraddha’s boyfriend Aftab was asked how you cut Shraddha into 35 pieces, to which he replied that he got the idea from the psychological thriller series. On this, Dr. Shweta says, ‘Nowadays in web series, films, villains are shown as heroes. The young generation is very happy to see this. In such a situation, we should know who is the real villain and who is the hero for the society. In the film or webseries, it should also be shown what is wrong and what is right. Some people enjoy watching thrillers. They like how one person is biting another. So for such people, I would say that if you are enjoying watching the fighting in a film or web series. Or if you are not able to cry when someone dies, then you should meet a good psychologist. Because emotion, crying, laughing is human nature.

Recognize whether you are a psychopath or not?

Watching any movie, laughing, crying or if nothing is happening on someone’s death, then it is a matter of problem. How do we recognize the psychopaths around us? Doctor Shweta says, ‘If you are in a relationship with someone, then you should understand what his nature is like. If your partner is too controlling and interrupts or interrupts you, then there is a problem. Talking about Shraddha or Aftab, it is not that this would be the first fight between the two. The fight must have taken place earlier also, but how much control that boy used to have, it can be ascertained that he brought the girl to Delhi after pacifying her. She came to Delhi after obeying the boy. Everyone has a fight and everyone’s facial expression changes. But if a person is repeatedly trying to control you through everything, then it can create difficulties for you in the coming times.

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