Are you also not eating expired food? it’s very dangerous

Expired Food Precautions: Many times some item is kept in the fridge or kitchen of the house for a long time and we do not see it. But when his attention comes, we pick him up and start eating him. Neither check its expiry date nor take precautions. In such a situation, it has a bad effect on our health. Canned or packaged food comes with an expiry date. In such a situation, if it has expired, then even after forgetting it should not be eaten. The taste of food changes after the expiry date and it can seriously harm our health. Let us know what happens when we eat any item after the expiry date..

risk of food poisoning

If you eat home cooked food after two to three days then it starts acting like poison. In summer, you cannot eat morning food only in the evening. If you eat then you can become a victim of food poisoning. Similarly, old and expired food is dangerous. There is also a risk of food poisoning from the use of eggs, meat, vegetables and fruits. In this you can have many problems including fever, nausea, vomiting, shivering, diarrhea, abdominal pain. Therefore, if you store anything at home, then eat it before it expires.

Expired food contains bacteria

Whenever you buy any food product, the expiry date is written on its packet. After seeing this date, that product should not be used. They should be eaten before the expiry date. These products contain preservatives, which can preserve the food till the same date. After the expiry date, the food may contain bacteria. Which can cause serious harm to health.

Nutrients can be lost

Priority is always given to avoid stale food and eat fresh food. Doctors also advise us to eat fresh food only. The reason for this is that we can get the nutrients present in that food. If you eat expired food, its nutrients can be destroyed. Instead of benefiting the body, they start harming.

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