Are you eating apples fiercely this season? First know the disadvantages of this

Apple Side Effects: In the market, you get apples very cheap and easy in the months of September and October. Apples are healthy for health. That’s why most people start consuming apples a lot in this season. Especially on these days there is a lot of fasting, in which people also consume apples in the form of fruits. Apple can remove many health problems, but do you know that excessive consumption of apples can be harmful for health. Yes, if you consume too much of it, then it can cause many problems. Let’s know about it-

May increase blood sugar

Apple is rich in many essential nutrients such as fiber, vitamin C, carbohydrates, but if you consume more of it, then there is a possibility of increasing blood sugar. According to media reports, excessive consumption of apples can increase the level of sugar in the blood. So consume it in limited quantity.

heart problems

Fructose is found in apples, the excess of which in the blood can affect liver and heart health. If you eat a lot of apples, then because of this heart health can be a lot of trouble. So try to consume it in minimum quantity.

may be allergic

Excessive consumption of apples can cause allergic problems. Some people may have problems like itching, rashes on the skin after eating apples. So consume it sparingly.

weight may increase

Consuming too much of apple can also increase your body weight. So try to consume apples in minimum quantity. According to reports, if you consume more than 5 in 1 day, then your body gets 3500 calories, which is equal to half a kilo. In such a situation, its excess can increase your weight.

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