Are you gaining weight by eating late night food?

Eating Late At Night: People have made it fashionable to eat food late at night. But eating this late night can cause many types of damage to your health. If for some reason you sometimes eat late, then there is no problem in it, but if any of you have made it your habit, then believe me, it can cause a lot of harm to your health. According to health experts, having dinner after 8:00 pm can be harmful for health, because it is very important to have a gap of 2 hours between sleeping and eating. If the food is not digested properly by eating late or sleeping immediately after eating, then the body’s metabolism starts working at a slow pace and it invites many diseases.

Let’s know the disadvantages of eating food late

gaining weight: In today’s era, the youth is most troubled by obesity, despite gym exercises, obesity is not decreasing, the reason for this is nothing but your eating late.Eating Late At Night) Yes, if you want to keep your weight under control, then keep a gap of 2 to 3 hours between eating and sleeping.

Sleep: Often people complain of sleepiness, this happens because you eat food late. This affects the natural cycle of the body. You feel restless while sleeping at night and this is the reason why you get sleep for a long time.

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Danger of blood pressure: According to experts, eating food late continuously can cause you problems of BP, Cholesterol and Diabetes, by having regular dinner, your weight increases and blood sugar remains uncontrolled. Due to this, the risk of problems related to BP and heart increases.

Digestion: After eating dinner late at night, you go straight to bed, in such a situation you have many problems like acidity, bloating, because you do not do any activity after eating food. Because of this, it takes time to digest food and due to this your Digestion is affected.

Low Energy Level: If you eat late at night, then on the second day you start having constipation, headache and other problems, due to which your energy level decreases, sometimes you do not get sleep by eating late at night, due to which you also have headache. And like this your whole day gets wasted.

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