As soon as you buy the medicine, you will be able to check whether the medicine is real or fake, the QR code will give complete information

QR Code to Check Medicines: Are the medicines you are taking to cure your disease real? A lot of people will say – of course, we have bought this from a good and reputed medical store, so there is no question that the medicine is fake. We have also taken the bill for this and are also making profit. But, even after all this, if we say that the medicine can be fake, then .. it is completely true. The government also knows that the business of counterfeit drugs is growing rapidly in the country. Why only country, fake medicines are being sold all over the world. That is why the government wants a solution to this, although it is difficult to control it completely, but it can definitely be reduced.

There are two major agencies regulating medicines in the world. DCGI (Drug Controller General of India) of India and the other FDA (Food and Drug Administration of America), both these agencies take care that companies make the right medicine so that people’s health is not played with. Despite this, more than 25 percent of the medicines sold in India are counterfeit medicines. Five years ago, in 2017, there was a report by ASSOCHAM. The name of this report was “Fake and Counterfeit Drugs In India –Booming Biz” i.e. increasing business of counterfeit drugs in India. It was said in this report that 25 percent of the medicines sold in India are fake. If this business continues to grow at this speed, then it will hollow the system of medicine and medicine.

where is the problem?
How much do you know about medicines? In answer to this question, many people will say, very little or nothing much, only buy the medicine that the doctor has prescribed. The problem lies here. Most of us do not know anything about medicine, medicine salt. Because of this, who is selling which medicine is not known. Buying medicines from above without receipt is also in trend. Except in big cities, people do not even charge bills while buying medicine because if they do not do so, they get medicine at a discount.

What is the solution?
According to the report of ASSOCHAM, the business of counterfeit drugs in India is worth 10 billion dollars i.e. more than one thousand crore rupees. The government also wants a solution to this. Therefore, it is being considered to launch such an app, in which scanning the QR code can find out about that medicine. By scanning the code, you will know which company has made it, what is the salt and when will it expire. This app has not come yet but according to a report published in Times of India, it may be launched soon.

How will the app work?
The government wants that first those medicines should be included in this list which are sold more. For example, antibiotic, pain relief, related to heart diseases and anti-allergic. Fraud happens only in those medicines, which are sold more and which do not even require a doctor’s prescription to buy. In such a situation, when pharmaceutical companies make medicines, they will give a QR code on them. Obviously, this will increase the cost of pharmaceutical companies, but this will give relief to both pharmaceutical companies and people. Because the business of genuine companies is also affected by counterfeit drugs. It will start with selected medicines and when the medicines with QR code will come in the market, you will be able to find out whether the medicine is real or fake by scanning the QR code in the app which you download in the phone.

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