ATF Price Hike: Air travel can be expensive because ATF prices have increased, know the new rates

ATF Rate Hike: If you travel by air, then today there is news of concern for you. Today the prices of ATF i.e. Aviation Turbine Fuel have increased and due to the cost of air fuel, the prices of plane tickets may increase soon. For those traveling by air, the fear of expensive air tickets has increased in the future. Today, on the first of November, ATF prices have increased and new prices of jet fuel have been released in cities like Delhi-Mumbai, Chennai-Kolkata.

Know new ATF prices in different cities

ATF prices have increased to Rs 120,362.64 per kiloliter in the country’s capital Delhi
ATF prices in the economic capital Mumbai have increased to Rs 119,266.36 per kl. K‍Lilters have come.
Kolkata ATF prices have come down to Rs 127,023.83 per KL.
ATF in Chen‍New The price has come down to Rs 124,998.48 per Ll.

prices were reduced on 1 October
Earlier on the first date of last month i.e. on 1 October, the price of ATF was cut in the country. On October 1, the ATF price was cut by 4.5 percent, after which the price of air fuel in the capital Delhi came down to Rs 1,15,520.27 per kiloliter.

cut less, price increase more this year
If we look at the year 2022, then the price of ATF was cut only four times this year, whereas most of the times it has seen an increase. If you look at the increase this time, then this year the prices of ATF have increased 10 times. ATF prices are changed on the 1st and 16th of every month based on international oil prices and are also shared by the IOC on its website. 

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