Attention Baking feet in winter can make you mentally and physically ill

Health Tips: When it is bitterly cold, people don’t know what they do to avoid the cold, at that time it just seems that the body should get heat by any means. Where the people of the city can get their hands on the heater, the people of the village bring warmth to the body by lighting a fire at the street corners or in their own house. People burn the soles of their feet, due to which they get relief at that moment, but later it becomes a big problem. Even elders, doctors and experts also believe that by baking the soles, the heat rises on the head, which causes many problems.

That’s why it is dangerous to burn feet with fire

There is an old saying, according to which if the feet are warm, the stomach is soft and only cold, then you never need a doctor, but if this heat reaches your head, then you may have many problems. Bad effects of increased temperature on the body It can also reach the brain along with the rest of the body, due to which imbalance can arise in the state of mind and behavior. While speaking, symptoms like stuttering, irritability, confusion, restlessness can be seen. According to doctors, due to the heat of the head, you will have trouble with the eyes, there may be problems related to the ears. Along with this, the power of smell can also be affected. Sir is that power house of your body, due to which if there is a slight problem then your body can get spoiled. Your concentration and sleep may decrease while blood pressure may increase. Apart from monitoring the mental status, other symptoms also need to be taken care of such as high body temperature, low body moisture, skin discoloration. Dryness, decreased sweating, nervousness, vomiting, redness of the skin, rapid breathing and increased heartbeat, or headache may also occur. Apart from this, the air coming out of the heater and bonfire directly reaches your face and your skin and dries the skin, due to which there can be problems like itching, red patches and even wrinkles.

Symptoms of heat rash on the head:

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1.headache in general

2.get migraine

3.having sinus problems

4.stay tense

5.dizziness without reason


Disclaimer: Take the information given in this article only as a suggestion, before implementing any such treatment, cure or diet, please consult your doctor.

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