Attention Pigeons have become a threat to people’s lungs in this state

Pigeon Breeder Disease Symptoms: Feeding the birds is seen as a religion. It is generally believed that the dumb should be fed grains and water. But these days people are getting serious diseases from birds only. Experts say that feeding pigeons can be bad for health. Special precaution needs to be taken regarding this. Coming in contact with them can cause serious lung disease. If any kind of symptoms appear, the doctor should be seen immediately.

Big risk of infection in Delhi

A large number of people feed pigeons and other birds in Delhi. Grain sellers can also be seen at many intersections. People buy grains from there and feed the pigeons or other birds present. Experts say that the risk of infection from birds has increased in Delhi.

spread of the disease

The infection caused by pigeons and other birds is called Pigeon Breeder Disease. This is a serious type of infection in the lungs. It is also known as Bird Fancier’s Disease, Farmer’s Lungs. In medical language it is known as Sensitive Pneumonitis (HP). HP is a type of Interstitial Lung Disease (ILD). It is produced after coming in contact with the organic matter antigen of the breath. In some cases, this condition also arises due to coming in contact with bacteria.

they are at higher risk

Not everyone is at risk of falling prey to this disease. This disease can be more for those people, who are more in contact with pigeons. Feed them again and again. come in contact with their feces. According to experts, lung infection can be diagnosed with CT scan, pulmonary function testing machine, and bronchoscopic.

These symptoms may appear

On getting infected with this disease, different types of symptoms can be seen in many people. These include asthmatic attack, severe lung infection, cough, cold. This can lead to fibrotic lung disease. Some of the risk can be prevented by installing bird nets in the home and cleaning up bird droppings regularly. Pigeon breeding should be controlled to avoid diseases.

Disclaimer: Before following the methods, methods and suggestions mentioned in this article, do take the advice of a doctor or a related expert.

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