Auto immune disorder coming to the fore in Dengue, thus causing damage to the liver

Dengue Cases: Dengue cases are increasing continuously in many states of the country including Delhi. Dengue did not spread very fast in September, but in October, there have been a lot of dengue cases. Dengue patients are being admitted to the hospital and getting treatment. Due to low platelets, many patients have even needed to get blood transfusion. But this year dengue has started troubling people in a different way. This year dengue is damaging the liver of the youth. The doctors themselves are worried after seeing the young patients coming to the hospital and their symptoms.

Liver problem

Dengue cases are increasing in Delhi. According to media reports, doctors of the hospital in Delhi have told that dengue patients between 20-40 years are facing liver related problems. Every day six to 10 patients are being admitted in a hospital. In the future, this problem can develop into chronic hepatitis or cholangitis (inflammation of the bile duct).

why the problem

Doctors say that on investigation it seems that it could be due to an uncontrolled immune system. An uncontrolled immune system problem occurs only when the body fails to control its own immune response. Doctors say that if the body reacts less to external invaders, then it can spread the infection faster or it may happen that due to the high response, the immune system starts attacking healthy cells, tissues and organs.

More than 900 cases in Delhi

The number of dengue in Delhi has increased rapidly. More than 900 cases have been reported here in October. The total number of dengue cases has gone up to 1,876. Last year, the city recorded 9,613 dengue cases. According to official figures, Delhi has reported 1,072 cases in 2020, 2,036 in 2019, 2,798 in 2018, 4,726 in 2017 and 4,431 in 2016.

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