Avoid the food kept in the newspaper, you may be the victim of these diseases

Eating Habit: It often happens that after taking food items outside, the shopkeeper wraps it in newspaper and gives it. Or we pack the food ourselves, when we do not find anything to carry, we wrap it in the newspaper itself. If you too have ever done this or you come across something wrapped in a newspaper, then be careful now. Doing so can be dangerous for your health. In fact, the ink used in newspapers contains dangerous chemicals which have a bad effect on your health. Because of this, you can become a victim of many serious diseases. So let us tell you that after all, how much food in the newspaper can be harmful for health.

Chemicals can cause damage

Actually, the inks used in newspapers contain dangerous chemicals. These chemicals have a dangerous effect on our body. Recently, the Food Safety Regulator (FSSAI) had termed the habit of eating food wrapped in newspapers as dangerous for the people. Today we will tell you what kind of diseases can be caused by eating food in newspaper.

1. Lung Cancer

If food is kept in the newspaper for a long time, then it can cause lung cancer due to the chemicals present in its ink. Due to lung cancer, it first spreads to the cells of parts of the lungs such as bronchioles or alveoli.

2. Liver Cancer

By keeping hot food in the newspaper, people are at risk of getting liver cancer. Also, along with liver cancer, the risk of getting cancer in the bladder also increases.

3. There may also be gas or sores in the stomach

Keeping food in the newspaper also increases the risk of gas or wound in the stomach. Also, sometimes people have an increased risk of having hormonal imbalance.


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