Avoiding the new variant of Corona, festival celebrations should not be disturbed

Protection From Corona: The celebration of the five-day long Deepotsav is going on in India. People are meeting each other and sharing happiness, but keep in mind that the threat of corona has not reduced yet. In recent times, new variants of corona have been seen not only in India but also in countries around the world. In such a situation, after the festival season, there is a possibility of corona infection increasing in India too. Let Corona not disturb your happiness, so take care of yourself and your family. Protect yourself from Corona like this..

be safe from masks

One of the most important things to do to avoid infection with the variant of Kovid-19 is to wear a mask. Whenever you go out of the house or meet people, make sure to wear a mask. Due to this, the danger of corona can be controlled to some extent.

keep yourself safe with cleanliness

Whether at home or outside, pay special attention to cleanliness. Keep washing your hands continuously. Use sanitizer. With cleanliness, you can protect yourself and your family. Cleanliness also protects you from other diseases.

Distance from the crowd, very important

There will be crowds almost everywhere on Diwali. In such a situation, going to crowded places should be avoided. Because the greater the crowd, the greater the risk of infection. Therefore, going to such places should be avoided.

take care of diet

In the festive season, it becomes a bad habit to eat and drink. From sweets to fried fried things, we eat many things. In such a situation, it is important to keep your regular diet healthy as soon as the festive season is over. Include all those things in the diet which can boost your immunity and reduce the risk of diseases.

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