Banks will be closed for 10 days in November, if necessary work is to be done then see full list

Bank Holidays in November 2022: After a few hours, the month of November 2022 is going to start. If you want to do any work related to the bank in the month of November, then this news will prove to be useful for you. In this news, you will get information about the closure of banks in the month of November. You should definitely see the list of bank holidays once.

RBI gave information

The list of Bank Holiday List is issued every month by the Reserve Bank of India. So that people do not face any problem in taking bank facility for the whole month. You can check this list by visiting the official website of the central bank RBI. If you have to do important work in the bank, then you can settle it 1 day in advance. Also, you can do your work through Net Banking, ATM, Digital Payment.

Banks will be closed for 10 days

Many times people are not aware about which day the bank is closed in a month. In the absence of this information, he reaches the bank and his important work gets stuck. In such a situation, if you want to avoid this problem, then know that the bank is going to be closed for a total of 10 days in the month of November.

List of Bank Holidays in November 2022 (Bank Holidays Full List November 2022)-

1 November 2022 – Kannada Rajyotsava/Kut- Banks closed in Bangalore and Imphal
6 November 2022 – Sunday (weekly holiday)
8 November 2022 – Guru Nanak Jayanti/Kartika Purnima/Rahas Purnima/Vangala Festival – Banks closed in other places except Agartala, Bangalore, Gangtok, Guwahati, Imphal, Kochi, Panaji, Patna, Shillong and Thiruvananthapuram
11 November 2022 – Kanakadasa Jayanti / Wangla Festival – Banks closed in Bangalore and Shillong
12 November 2022 – Saturday (second Saturday of the month)
13 November 2022 – Sunday (weekly holiday)
20 November 2022 – Sunday (weekly holiday)
23 November 2022 – Seng Kutsanem- Bank closed in Shillong
26 November 2022 – Saturday (fourth Saturday of the month)
27 November 2022 – Sunday (weekly holiday)

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