Be careful if you use a plastic bottle! stop using today

Plastic Bottle Side Effects: Due to wrong lifestyle and unhealthy diet, nowadays the risk of many diseases is increasing. These days women are preferring to drink water in plastic bottles, which is dangerous. According to a research, drinking water in plastic bottle (Plastic Bottle Side Effects) increases the risk of type 2 diabetes in women. This is such a disease, in the grip of which there are about 8 crore people of India at present. Whose figure is said to be 13 crores by 2045. Let’s know what the research says…

What does research say

According to this research, phthalates are chemicals found in plastics, exposure to which increases the risk of type 2 diabetes manifold in women. A research has claimed that if women use plastic bottles to drink water, then they are at risk of diabetes. Phthalates chemicals are very dangerous, which are found in plastic. Due to its grip, there is a lot of impact on the health of women. That’s why women should use plastic bottles at least. The use of plastic should also be reduced.

what is phthalates chemical

According to the website of the Global Diabetic Community, it has been told in this research that phthalates chemicals affect women a lot. Phthalates are endocrine disrupting chemicals which act as a barrier to the hormones released from the endocrine glands. In this research, 1300 women from many countries were included. After experimenting on whose health for 6 years, researchers found that 30 to 63 percent of women exposed to phthalates chemical increased their risk of diabetes. It was also found in this research that exposure to phthalates did not affect black and Asian women.

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