Be careful, repeated covid can kill

Corona Virus: Covid virus wreaked havoc not only in the country but in the world. People have come under the grip of different variants of Kovid. Herd immunity against COVID, development of antibodies against the virus, strengthening of the immune system due to vaccination are some of the factors that have neutralized COVID to a great extent. But the worrying picture of Kovid is still coming to the fore. If you are getting Kovid again and again, then you need to be very alert. In the recent study regarding this, the very fatal consequences of having Kovid have come to the fore.

Repeated covid can lead to death
Doctors say that it is not at all the case that once someone has had Kovid, it should not happen again. The consequences of repeated infections can be extremely dangerous. According to media reports, the study was published in its Nature Medicine Journal. It was told in the report that due to repeated Kovid infection, many parts of the body have been affected negatively. When this happened, there was a very bad effect on the lungs, heart, brain, blood supply. Even the patient died.

Study on 4.43 lakh people
Researchers looked at the medical reports of a group of more than 443,000 people. All of them were Covid positive. Apart from this, another group of 41,000 people was also investigated. All of them came under the grip of Kovid two or more times. The researchers used statistical models to test the results. The effect of other variants of Kovid including Omicron, Delta was also seen. It was revealed in the result that those who got Kovid two or more times. His death rate was also high. Along with this, serious effects were also seen on the lungs, kidneys and other body parts. Lung problems were seen up to 3.5 times more in people with frequent infections. The chances of heart failure also increased.

The more frequent the infection, the greater the risk
The researchers found in the study that the number of times the infection would occur. The more danger will increase. The trouble will be more if you get hit for the first, second, third and fourth time. Researchers said that Kovid should be less as often. the more the better. If it happened once then try it. Do not happen again If it happens again, don’t get caught for the third time. The risk of getting covid is more in diabetes, hypertension patients. People should follow the Kovid protocol for rescue. Keep wearing a mask. Adopt a distance of two yards. Keep using sanitizer.

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