Be careful, smog can harm not only the lungs but also the eyes

Eye Treatment: Due to stubble burning, respiratory problems have started increasing in people. The number of respiratory patients has started increasing in the hospitals of Delhi, Western Uttar Pradesh. Doctors are advising to take precautions to prevent smog. But along with the lungs, we also need to protect other parts of the body. Eyes are a very sensitive part of the body. Very small particles cannot be tolerated by the eyes. In such a situation, how would the carbon particles spread everywhere in the form of smog be harming the eyes. It can be easily understood. Doctors say that while the smog is causing damage to the lungs, it can also cause problems to the eyes. Eyes can be protected by taking some precautions.

First recognize these symptoms of the eyes
If there is any problem in the eyes, then they give indications. They need to be recognized in time. These symptoms include Symptoms such as redness of the eyes, burning, watery eyes, excessive itching in the eyes, swelling of the eyes, difficulty in opening the eyes, gritty feeling in the eyes, difficulty in seeing, dry eyes, loss of vision at all See a doctor immediately if it occurs.

Avoid going out with open eyes
Smog is floating in the air outside. Carbon particles in the air are damaging the lungs. Doctors say to avoid going out with open eyes. If you have to go out, use good glasses. Do not wipe eyes at all with dirty handkerchief or any dirty cloth. 

Drink more water
Drinking more water is beneficial for the body. It benefits all argon. It is equally beneficial for the eyes. Experts say that when you drink more water, toxins start coming out of the body. It also gives relief from dryness in the eyes. Tears also clean the waste under the eyes. 

Do not touch the eyes frequently
To protect the eyes, it is very important to touch the eyes less with hands. Actually, hands come in contact with everything. Which object has what infection? It may be associated with bacterial, fungal or virus. If you take the same hands to the eyes, then the eyes can also get sick.

Disclaimer: Take the method and methods mentioned in this article only as a suggestion. Before following any treatment/medication/diet and suggestion, please consult doctor or related expert.


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