Be careful with this kind of message, otherwise there will be huge loss

Electricity Bill Scam Alert: Do you pay your electricity bill online? If yes, then beware! Fraudsters are tricking users to pay fake electricity bills through WhatsApp messages or SMS. Hackers are adopting various tactics to fraud people online and the new method is sending them fake electricity bills. As the electricity board sends messages to remind users to pay their electricity bills on time, hackers are using fake WhatsApp messages asking them to pay the electricity bill or disconnect their electricity connection. Speaking of giving.

As shared on Twitter, such messages are being sent through SMS or WhatsApp. When these numbers are dialed, users are asked to pay for electricity or risk being cut off. Most of the cases of power scams have been registered in other states including Gujarat, Maharashtra, Punjab and Odisha.

What is written in the message?

According to the report, it is written in the WhatsApp message, Dear customer, tonight at 9.30 pm, your electricity will be disconnected from the electricity office. Because your last month’s bill was not updated. Please immediately contact our Electricity Officer 8260303942 Thanks.

How to protect yourself from this electricity bill scam?

Although these messages seem correct at first glance, when checked, you can see that the use of language is incorrect. You’ll see lots of full stops and a complete lack of understanding of capital letters and small-cap letters. Users have been warned to beware of such messages. Most of the people who have actually forgotten to pay their electricity bill are specifically targeted. Whenever you receive such messages, always check their source before responding to them or you could lose your money.

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