Be careful! Your child born in Kovid, did not forget to talk somewhere

Corona Virus: Corona wreaked havoc across the country. Corona cases were seen in every house. Thousands of people lost their lives due to the Delta variant that came during Kovid. Kovid taught people to be alone. Its side effect was that people fell in the grip of mental diseases. But the dangerous aspect of this virus has come to the fore that its very bad effect has been seen on children. Due to this virus, the communication skills of the children were affected.

Researchers saw what could be the problem
Doctors and researchers looked at the impact of COVID 19 on maternal-fetal health, including neurodevelopmental status in the child. Due to Kovid, many problems like neurodevelopmental dish order autism spectrum disorder, intellectual disability and lack of concentration, hyperactivity activities have been revealed in children. In this regard, a study was published in Jama Network Open on 28 October. In this, the changes that took place during Kovid 19 in children came to the fore.

Study on 419 children
The study was done on 419 babies. The study revealed that 7% of babies who had neurodevelopmental screening during the COVID-19 pandemic. They were at risk of neurodevelopmental impairment. In addition, 12% of gestational losses due to SARS-CoV-2 were likely to be neurodevelopmental. Researchers found that there was an increased difficulty in COVID-19 communication skills.

cause of trouble
Researchers found that the main reason for lack of communication among children was that young children could not come in contact with anyone during this time. Due to lack of contact, the children could not expand the scope of their communication. For this reason, the ability to speak in children could not develop properly.

no need to worry
Scientists associated with this study say that if the communication skills of children are low, then there is no need to panic. Nor do parents need to panic. Researchers say that the child’s brain does not develop that much at an early age. That is why, despite the difficulties created by the pandemic, parents can do a lot to help their children.

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