Before Diwali, the prices of bars reduced by 40 percent, now the dream of your house will be fulfilled cheaply

Steel Bar Prices Decreased: The festival season has started across the country. Along with this, Dhanteras and Diwali are also coming. if you this Diwali If you are planning to start the construction work of your house or plot, then this news will prove to be useful for you. Let us tell you that the most important and costly thing for construction work, the price of Sariya has come down considerably. After this the cost of building your house will be reduced. In the last 6 months, the price of steel (TMT Bars Rate) has fallen by 40 percent.

fall in prices

Let us tell you that in the domestic market in April 2022, there was a huge increase in the prices of bars and the prices had gone up to Rs 85 thousand per tonne. After hitting a record high in April, baria prices started declining in June. Then after July 10, the rates of the baria started climbing again. At the same time, once again a fall in prices is being seen. The price of bars has gone up to a maximum of Rs 55,200 per tonne. The buyer also has to pay 18 percent GST on this.

Where is the price cheap and expensive

Ayronmart, a website that monitors the price of bars in the country, says that, at present, the cheapest bars in the country are available in Raigad, Chhattisgarh. Let us tell you that its price in Raigad is Rs 50,000 per ton. On the other hand, the price of baria in Kanpur, Uttar Pradesh is the highest in the country and here it was selling at Rs 55,200 per 19 October 2022. The price of baria in Ghaziabad district is Rs 52,200 per tonne. In Hyderabad, Telangana, bars are available at Rs 52,00 per tonne.

see what is the price in delhi

The price of baria in the capital Delhi is Rs 53,300 per tonne. The price of bars in Ghaziabad is being said at Rs 52,200 per tonne. The price of baria in Bhavnagar, Gujarat is Rs 54500 per tonne. 55,100 in Mumbai, 51,900 in Nagpur and 54000 in Jalna are being sold per ton in Maharashtra. In Rajasthan’s Jaipur, the price of baria is Rs 53100 per tonne, while in Rourkela, Orissa it is getting Rs 51100 per tonne. The price of Sariya in Chennai, Tamil Nadu is Rs 54500. In Indore, Madhya Pradesh, the bar is running at Rs 54,200 per tonne.

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