Beware of ‘Pink Eye’! Know how dangerous this disease is, its symptoms and treatment

Pink Eye Syndrome: After the rain, now the cold weather has started. People are suffering from various types of infections. Seasonal diseases including cold, cough and cold are increasing. The problem of conjunctivitis or pink eye is increasing very fast in people. This disease is being seen in many people. There is a continuous line of its patients in the hospitals. According to health experts, due to the change in weather, this disease is taking people in its grip.

Symptoms of Pink Eye

According to doctors, due to continuous rain for several days, the humidity in the atmosphere increases. Due to this, infectious diseases rapidly reach from one person’s house to another person’s house. In such a situation, the problem of conjunctivitis or redness of the eye is commonly seen in people. The eyes of a person suffering from the problem of pink eye get filled up and they start feeling heavy. Also, along with swelling in the eyes, itching also starts.

avoid touching eyes

People troubled by the problem of Pink Eye have trouble with bright light. At the same time, according to the advice of doctors, do not touch your eyes again and again and do not scratch your eyes again and again. Along with this, keep washing the eyes with water repeatedly during the day. If the problem worsens, immediately consult a specialist doctor.

Ways to prevent conjunctivitis

  • Keep cleanliness in the house.
  • Avoid touching your eyes with your hands.
  • Do not share your belongings with anyone.
  • Wash your hands as often as possible.

How to do treatment?

If you are suffering from the problem of conjunctivitis, then definitely consult a doctor once. Although there are many types of conjunctivitis and everyone’s treatment is also different, but in most cases it gets cured on its own.

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