Black and thick eyebrows increase the beauty of the face, follow these home remedies

Eyebrows Care: Black and thick eyebrows add to your beauty. This enhances your personality. If you want to make your face appear a little different and different, then make the eyebrows thick. Various chemical creams are available in the market to thicken and thicken the eyebrows, but the risk of side-effects is less from thickening the eyebrows by natural methods. Today in this article we will tell you some such easy ways, by which eyebrows can be made thick. Let’s know how to make eyebrows thick and thick?

Apply castor oil on eyebrows

Apply castor oil to make the eyebrows thick and thick. Using castor oil can improve hair growth. In addition, it also strengthens the eyebrows. Many types of properties such as fatty acids, vitamins, antioxidants are found in this oil and provide nourishment to the eyebrows. With this, the eyebrows can be made thick and dense.

Apply coconut oil eyebrows

Like the hair of the head, apply coconut oil to make the hair of the eyebrows thick and thick. Coconut oil is rich in antioxidants, which can help you in thickening the eyebrows.

apply olive oil

Olive oil can be used to get thick eyebrows. For this, take 2 to 3 drops of olive oil. Now apply it on the eyebrows and massage it for about 10 minutes. This will improve the growth of eyebrows.

onion juice

To make the eyebrows black and thick, apply onion juice. By applying onion juice on the eyebrows, the eyebrows can be made black and thick. For this, extract the juice from 1 onion. Now apply it on the eyebrows and leave it for some time. Wash the face afterwards. This can make the eyebrows thicker.

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