Bladder bursts by stopping urine… What happens if it bursts and what will happen if it bursts?

Urinary Tract Infection: Stomach problems sometimes become serious. Urine problem or urinary tract infection is also one of such problems. It is necessary to come on time of urine. A normal person goes for urine 4 to 5 times in winter and 3 to 4 times in summer. Passing urine is a routine process. Passing urine 3 to 4 times a day is also a sign of being a healthy person. But what if urine stops coming? Doctors say that if there is obstruction of urine, the consequences can be serious.

Bladder can burst if urine stops
Problems related to urinary bladder are increasingly affecting people. This problem increases due to the weakness of the bladder valve. Actually, the urinary bladder is located below the pelvis bone. It connects to brain signals. In the adult stage, the capacity of urine bag ranges from 450 to 500 ml. Small children have less capacity of urine bag. It gradually increases with age. If there is a problem in passing urine due to any infection, then there may be a chance of bladder bursting.

recognize the severity of symptoms
Many types of problems can be seen due to infection in the urinary bladder. Their symptoms also start appearing. For example, difficulty in urinating, burning sensation, intermittent or sudden stop of urine, blood in urine, discharge of pus, heaviness in the lower abdomen, infection in the bladder. If some other symptoms are visible then there is a need to be more alert. Passing of urine while coughing and sneezing, problem of stones in kidney and urethra, blood in urine, severe pain, etc. are included.

Bladder transplant is not possible
There are many parts of the body which are transplanted and revived in a way. These include kidney, liver, lungs. But experts say that like kidney and liver transplant, bladder transplant is difficult. The reason behind this is that the bladder has a direct connection with the brain. Urine starts passing only when the brain gives the signal. In this case, bladder transplant will be done. But connecting the bladder to the nerves in the brain is challenging. Bladder of patients suffering from bladder cancer is removed and bladder is made with the help of intestines. It is different from normal bladder. Due to this, the problem of urine goes away to a great extent. If you are having urine problem, see the doctor immediately. Urine test, culture test, CT scan, MRI can be done to find out where the real problem is in urine. Treatment is done on the basis of this.

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