Bones weaken due to low estrogen level, this can be saved

Estrogen Level: Along with keeping the reproductive system of women healthy, a hormone has an important role in bringing about changes in their body and its name is estrogen. Estrogen plays a variety of roles, such as this hormone maintains heart function, bone health. Due to its deficiency, women have to face many problems. You can adopt some natural methods to increase the estrogen level in the body.

estrogen deficiency problems

Due to the deficiency of estrogen hormone, the skin of women starts becoming dry. Apart from this, problems like weak bones, depression, anxiety, hot flashes, vaginal dryness and lack of concentration start occurring.

home remedy for estrogen

1. Certain food items increase the estrogen hormone in the body. According to some research, you can include soy protein, berries, seeds, grains, fruits etc. in your diet.

2. Estrogen level in the body can also be increased by doing daily workouts. While working out, keep in mind that there is not too much fatigue. Walking for half an hour every day is also a better option.

3. If you want to keep the estrogen level in the body right, then it is important to control the weight. For this you follow a healthy diet and lifestyle.

4. There is bound to be tension between household responsibilities, but managing it is necessary for health. According to experts, due to lack of stress control, the menopause phase comes early.

5. By taking good and deep sleep, the health of both body and mind remains good. In such a situation, you must get at least seven hours of sleep every night.

6. Hormone replacement therapy can increase estrogen levels. Due to this the menopause phase does not come early. However, for this you must first consult your doctor.

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