Burning and tingling in hands and feet? Is this disease caused due to deficiency of Vitamin B12?

Paresthesia Treatment: Vitamins and minerals are very important for the body. It is helpful in the development of the body. It strengthens the immune system and protects us from diseases by fighting against external invaders. Vitamins work from strengthening bones to controlling hormones. But due to lack of vitamins, all kinds of diseases occur in the body. There is such an important vitamin for the body, the name is vitamin B12. Due to its deficiency, many serious diseases start to develop. Doctors say that there is a need to quickly identify the indication of vitamin B12 in the body. 

deficiency causes paresthesia
Doctors say that vitamin B12 deficiency is the most likely cause of paresthesia. This disease becomes serious if it is not treated on time. It may cause burning sensation in hands and feet. Burning can also be felt in other parts of the body. People with paresthesia often feel burning, prickling, itching, tingling. Doctors say that paresthesia puts pressure on the nervous system. In chronic paresthesia, it can lead to nerve damage. Nervous system damage can cause more problems. Doctors say that its symptoms should not be taken lightly. 

These symptoms may also appear
Vitamin B12 is one of the most essential nutrients of the body. It helps in the formation of red blood cells, DNA, development of brain and nerve cells, healthy nervous system. Its deficiency can cause many symptoms. These include fatigue, irritability, yellowing of the skin, glossitis (tongue pain), mouth sores, changes in walking style, vision problems, depression, etc. 

The condition worsens if treatment is not received
Doctors say that if symptoms of vitamin B12 are visible, then treatment should be started immediately. If treatment is not done on time, some problems do not go away for life. This can cause permanent loss to the body. After consulting the doctors, treatment should be started. Experts say that vitamin B12 can also be taken from foods like milk, eggs, yogurt, fatty fish, red meat, fortified cereals. Many medicines are also present in the market for Vitamin B12. They can also be consumed on the advice of a doctor.


Disclaimer: The methods and methods mentioned in this article should be taken as suggestions only. . Before following any treatment/medication/diet and suggestion, please consult doctor or related expert.


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