Calls from unknown or free card givers are troubling, so this is the solution to get rid of it

Spam calls: many times Unwanted calls come in the middle of important work. These could be spam calls, telemarketing calls or customer care calls. Overall, these types of calls are very disturbing. In such a situation, the attention gets diverted from some work. Also, work stops for a while. There is also wastage of time. For example, many It happens with people that a call comes while riding a bike or driving a car. As soon as the bike or car stops to pick up that call, it is known that it is the customer care number.

If you too have been troubled by these calls, then here we have brought a solution to your problem. We are going to tell you about a method by which you can get rid of these calls. Let’s know in detail.

block unwanted calls

    • To stop such calls, you have to open the phone app in your mobile.
    • After this you have to click on the recent calls option in your phone.
    • Now you have to go to the call list and select the number which you want to mark as spam.
    • After this you have to tap on the block / report spam option.
    • By doing this the spam number will be blocked. After that you will never get calls from that number in future.

Call block done by network provider

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Along with this, you can also call your network provider customer care. In today’s time, leading network provider companies such as Airtel, Vodafone Idea and Jio are working to get rid of such calls to their customers. If you are a user of these companies then you can easily block spam calls. Big companies provide two options to block spam calls. In this, the first is through SMS and the second is through calling. Let us know about both in detail.

Get rid of the message like this

    • To get rid of unwanted calls, you have to go to the messaging app of your phone.
    • After this, you have to type START 0 and send it to 1909.
    • Now you will not get spam calls.

get rid of calls like this

    • You can also get rid of unwanted calls through call.
    • To block these spam calls, you have to open call dialing in your phone.
    • Now you have to call 1909 from your phone.
    • After this you have to follow the instructions given on the call.
    • By doing this, Do Not Disturb will be activated, which is also known as DND.

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