Can Exercise Cure Diabetes: Know how beneficial climbing and descending stairs is for a diabetes patient?

How To Control Diabetes With Exercise It is a disease which has become a matter of concern all over the world. Most of the people are affected by this due to poor diet, poor lifestyle. Some people do not even know that they are diabetic. Blood sugar increases in diabetes, which is very important to work. According to experts, you can control it by exercising and doing yoga at home and keep yourself fit.

Diabetes patients should take care with simple exercise

1. Diabetic patients also have the problem of frozen shoulder, which is painful, for this you can also exercise. You don’t have to do anything, just a simple exercise, stand holding a table with one hand and bend slightly and rotate the other hand slowly, this gives a lot of relief in the problem of frozen shoulder.

2. Shavasan is a very easy yoga to reduce high sugar. Meditation is needed in the regime, which relaxes the body, calms the mind and communicates energy.

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3. A patient with diabetes should do Dhanurasan, it activates the pancreas, insulin hormone which controls blood sugar in the body is produced by the pancreas, besides this, Dhanurasan strengthens all the abdominal organs and also gives relief from stress.

4. Jogging is beneficial for everyone, but jogging is very effective in relieving the problem of diabetes. Joking is especially beneficial in type two diabetes ie high blood sugar level.

Climbing and descending 5. stairs has also proved to be a good exercise. According to a study, using stairs is very beneficial in controlling glucose level. In such a situation, the diabetic patient should use the stairs a lot.

Exercise can improve body systems

Experts believe that exercise is good for health, but this exercise works like a medicine for blood pressure. It can reduce your BP up to 5 mm. Exercise can also reduce weight and there is a decrease of 1 mm in BP for every kilogram of weight loss, so exercising regularly on a daily basis is equal to taking diabetes and BP pills. Let us tell you that exercise releases endorphins, which we call happy hormones. Apart from reducing cholesterol, this hormone has also proved to be very effective in reducing the effects of stress and improving bad mood.

Can you exercise only in the morning?

You must have often heard people saying that exercise should be done only in the morning, but this is just a myth. You can exercise at any time of the day. Research shows that exercising in the morning improves bad cholesterol, while exercising 30 minutes after a meal improves the rise in post-party blood sugar. People still believe that exercise can be done only by going to the gym, but this is far from the truth. Simple brisk walking also has an all-round effect on blood sugar and blood pressure. People with joint pain should do swimming, it is a very good exercise option.

Disclaimer: Take the information given in this article only as a suggestion, before implementing any such treatment, cure or diet, please consult your doctor.

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