Can it be known by sitting and getting up that how much will you live?

Sitting-rising test: We all do different exercises, exercises or some tests to assess our fitness. Several years ago, a test was in the headlines, which was named the Sitting-rising test. This test was invented by a Brazilian physician whose research results were published in the European Journal of Cardiovascular Prevention in 2012. This test tells about the fitness level of the person and how much he will live i.e. life expectancy.

In this research, middle age people were asked to sit up in a special way. Those who could move easily were considered fit. About 2002 people aged 51 to 80 years were involved in the test. These people were monitored till their death or completion of study. It took about 6.3 years to complete this test. During this, 159 people also died. In the end, the conclusion of the Sitting Rising Test or this study was that those whose score was low had 5 to 6 times more chances of dying early.

how to do this test

Actually, this test is very easy to do and anyone can do it at home in a few minutes. For this, wear comfortable clothes and stand barefoot. Cross your legs and sit down. Stand up like this again. Keep in mind that during this time you do not have to resort to anything. Rate yourself according to the test. If you can do this test without support, then give yourself full marks. On the other hand, if you need support to get up, then you give yourself less marks.

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Those who take support are in danger

If you take hand-knee or leg support during the test, then your points will be reduced. If the person gets up without any support then he will be considered healthy and flexible. In the research done by the Brazilian doctor, people who scored 0 to 3 were placed at risk who needed support in the test.

low score doesn’t mean death

The test does not mean that those who score low will die in 5 to 6 years. Actually, if a person has problems in his feet or joints, then even then he will be able to score less in the test. But, it also cannot be denied that aerobic fitness is related to our cervical. This test checks the strength of the leg and core along with the balance of the body.

How much you score in the test will motivate you to focus on your fitness. On the other hand, on this test, health experts say that no human being is a born athlete. Such people whose score is low in the test, they need to work on their fitness. We can stay healthy with good lifestyle and eating habits.

After all, what does the test tell about health?

Actually, this test tells about physical ability, overall health and flexibility. If a person has difficulty in doing this test, then it means that he is not fit and he should pay attention to his fitness.

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