Cancer risk from sanitary napkins, revealed in new study

Sanitary Napkin : Every woman going through menstruation, every girl uses pads. By the way, there are other options available in the market, but women find this to be the best option, heavy flow is also managed by this and there is not much hassle. But recently, in a new study regarding sanitary pads, something has been revealed that you will be scared to hear. Study has exposed the dangers of menstrual hygiene products. Warned that they harm not only the body but also the environment. Therefore, according to the study, the use of napkins can increase the risk of cancer, as well as the problem of infertility.

Use of cancer causing chemicals in pads

According to a press release, the study has found the presence of toxic chemicals such as teratase and voc volatile organic compounds, in organic and in-organic sanitary pads sold in the Indian market. What is worrying is that both the contaminants are capable of causing cancer cells. According to doctors, voc is used to scent the pads, which can cause allergies. They said that once the pads are disposed of, they They get added to the soil and eventually become part of the compost, which can also harm health.

Pads can become the cause of cancer – study

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According to the press release, the study tested more than half of the major brands of sanitary pads available in the country and found that the chemicals used in their manufacture can cause skin irritation and allergies. Doctor Amit involved in this study says that many serious chemicals like carcinogens, reproductive toxins, and allergens have been found in sanitary products. In the future, it can also become the cause of cancer, apart from this, it can also harm the environment.

Can have a serious effect on the vagina

The doctor involved in this study told that the most worrying thing is that due to the use of sanitary pads, there is a high risk of developing the disease. Actually, these serious chemicals have more effect on the vagina as compared to the skin of the woman, in such a situation, the danger has increased due to this.

64% girls use napkin

Let us tell you that according to the latest figures of the National Family Health Survey, there are about 64 percent girls between the ages of 15 and 24 who use sanitary napkins. This figure may increase further.

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