Chahat Khanna jumped into Urfi Javed-Chetan Bhagat controversy, said- ‘I am happy people have started speaking’

Chahatt Khanna on Urfi Javed: Bigg Boss OTT fame Urfi Javed is not dependent on any separate identity. These days the name of Urfi Javed is making headlines due to the statement given by the writer Chetan Bhagat. In this statement, Chetan Bhagat had talked about Urfi Javed diverting the attention of the youth. After which Urfi Javed also attacked Chetan. In such a situation, now TV actress and Urfi Javed’s rival Chahatt Khanna has given her opinion on this matter.

Chahat Khanna targets Urfi Javed

In the past, there was a lot of controversy between Urfi Javed and Chahat Khanna. During that time, Chahat also raised questions about Urfi’s strange dressing sense, on which Urfi retaliated by reminding Chahat of her ex-husband. In such a situation, Chetan Bhagat has also given a statement on Urfi’s dressing sense and how can Chahat remain silent on this. In fact, in an interview given to Instant Bollywood, Chahat Khanna has said that- Chetan Bhagat is a well-known personality. I am very happy that people have started speaking. Come on, someone has given his opinion on this issue.

I don’t know much about this matter but I remember a line that she (Urfi Javed) is a distraction for youth. According to me it has been said in very good words, it has praised her, because girls are a distraction. The word sounds good. He has been praised in a somewhat strange way. Rest I don’t think anything wrong has been said. Although there are many bigger things than this, which she does.

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What is Urfi-Chetan dispute

Writer Chetan Bhagat recently made a big statement about Urfi Javed during an event. Actually Chetan said that Urfi Javed is working to divert the attention of the youth. After this, Urfi Javed hit back at Chetan Bhagat and asked him to stop promoting the rape culture. Also, through a leaked WhatsApp chat, Urfi Javed targeted Chetan, in which Chetan was half his age. Was told to talk to the girl. However, Chetan Bhagat has called this chat fake.

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