Chanakya Niti: Do not do this work when money comes, Lakshmi will leave home by mistake

Chanakya Niti: Chanakya Niti is a wonderful storehouse of knowledge. These policies have been considered a panacea for youth, married life, financial problems. Chanakya’s priceless thoughts must be adopted in life to get success. Chanakya has well told who will support in difficult times and who will shun. In Chanakya Niti, man’s mistakes have been described as a tree. Due to which there are 5 types of problems in human life. Let’s know.

Atmaparadhavrikshasya phalanyetani dehinam.

Paridrayoga, Dukhani Bandhan Vyasanani Ch.

  • Chanakya has told in this verse that it is the actions of a man that give him the result of good and bad. According to Chanakya, a person’s mistakes are like a tree, which on the basis of karma punishes him as a result of poverty, misery, disease, bondage and calamities. According to the crime of man, he gets the fruits of punishment in his life.
  • He gets what he sows. Chanakya says that Lakshmi is always merciful to those who accumulate wealth, but those who do not respect them when they have money, Mother Lakshmi gets angry with such people and there is poverty in the house.
  • A part of the money earned ethically must be used for charity and good deeds. Those who skimp even when they are rich, Lakshmi never stays near them and money is spent like water. All earnings are lost.
  • Money earned by hurting or deceiving someone never bears fruit. All the capital of such people gets destroyed. The person comes on the path of poverty. Never make mistakes like this when it comes to money. This will not only lead to loss of money but also disease, poverty and many kinds of calamities will have to be faced in life.

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